4 Ways Colocation Can Benefit A Growing Business

7 August 2015
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No matter the size of your company, if your business is one that is rapidly growing, you may want to consider colocation and all the benefits it offers. Rather than store and maintain your own data in an onsite data center, colocation presents an offsite alternative with substantial advantages. Take a look below at four things to consider if you're hesitant about switching to a colocation service provider in the near future. Read More 

Done With Your Home Based Business? Make Money By Selling Your Website

5 August 2015
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If you have a home based business, you likely have a website for it that you sell products or offer a service through. If you have decided to close your business, you need to decide what to do with your website. One thing you can do is to sell it instead of letting it sit there and get lost in space with all the other websites out there.  If you're thinking " Read More