Can You Get An Internet Service Provider Without A Credit Check?

26 February 2018
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You most likely already know that when you apply for a loan of any form you will have to undergo a credit check. You may also have to have a credit check if you want to install Internet services in your home. Internet service providers rent expensive equipment to their customers and feel the need to protect their investment by ensuring that those who want to install this equipment is able to pay for it.

Can you get an Internet service provider to install broadband into your home without a credit check? It depends on the provider and what you able to do to convince them to trust you.

Pre-Paid Internet

One of the ways you might be able to get Internet in your home is by going the pre-paid Internet route. There are companies who offer this service, very similar to pre-paid cell phone service in which you only pay for what you will use. It's not necessarily for those who wish to have unlimited Internet as it could be expensive over time. It can let those who may otherwise not be able to get regular Internet service installed due to poor or nonexistent credit in their home.


While not all Internet service providers will allow for this, there are some that will negotiate a deposit that you can place in order to forgo the credit check. If you are able to pay for your service but just don't own a credit card or have poor credit due to circumstances beyond your control. For example, there are some providers who will let you put down a large deposit to help pay for the equipment installed. You can contact the providers of your choice and find out if this is an option for you.

This deposit is still your money and after a period of time determined by the provider, and usually, after you have demonstrated that you are making payments on time and are paying your bills in full, the money will be refunded to you. You could opt to apply this money toward future bill payments should you wish to as well.

Buy Your Own Modem

You can actually buy your own modem second hand as well to help convince the provider of your choice to connect Internet service. As long as the equipment is still able to connect to their service and isn't too outdated, many providers will let you buy your own modem and use their service for their subscription fee without the equipment fee or rental fee added. You could also simply purchase a brand new modem outright from the provider. You most likely won't have to go through a credit check as you will already own the modem.