3 Things That Scare Away Restaurant Customers

9 January 2019
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Many restaurant owners focus most of their attention on how to attract new customers and fail to consider how they can keep their new and existing customers loyal. However, this one costly mistake that restaurant owners fail to address. So, what scares away customers from your restaurant?

Bad Wi-Fi

Today, millennials are constantly uploading photos of their meals to their social media profiles and business people are always checking their emails. In addition, students want to do research on their papers, regardless of their location. But, all these categories of people depend on one thing - public Wi-Fi. Even though most people have access to mobile cellular data, they always like using Wi-Fi in order to reduce their cellular data costs.

However, if your restaurant has bad Wi-Fi, there is a possibility that you will end up losing a lot of customers who fall in the categories mentioned above. This is because they will be visiting your restaurant partly to use the Wi-Fi as they have their meal. If they cannot get that done in your restaurant, then they will move to another restaurant with better and stronger Wi-Fi access. If you don't have reliable Wi-Fi in your restaurant, consult your internet service provider to learn how you can improve it.

Failing To Observe Cleanliness

Every customer wants to eat in a clean and well-organized restaurant. When we say cleanliness, it doesn't mean just wiping the tables, chairs, and the counter. It's important to make sure that you observe cleanliness in almost every area of your restaurant. You should understand that customers are very cautious, and they can notice very tiny details as dirty ceiling fans and light fixtures.

If you don't observe cleanliness in the restrooms and dining area, then your clients will also think that your kitchen is very dirty. Having a dirty restaurant can end up turning away many customers, and that is a mistake you want to avoid.

Bad Customer Service

"Well, our wait has paid off!" Such kind of words will make you happy if you are a restaurant owner. Although it might be your desire to reduce wait times, such statements are an indication of customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to service delivery, great food, and cleanliness.

Unfortunately, if you are not keeping your customers satisfied, from the time they have to wait for food, to customer service, and the quality of the food, then you will lose a lot of customers.