3 Ways to Upgrade Your Data Center

29 May 2019
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Many of your employees may never know that your company has a data center but those who know will agree that without it, the business could easily grind to a halt. Companies, businesses, and other organizations collect and produce a lot of data over the course of their existence. All this data needs to be securely stored without hindering access to the same data when it's needed.

However, data centers have come a long way and there will come a time when an upgrade is recommended, such as during a data center move. How can you improve your data center today?

Allow for a Higher Operating Temperature

The need to keep data centers cool is a commonly cited issue whenever the problems of data centers are being discussed. Much of the money spent by businesses on their data centers are to pay for cooling directly or indirectly.

However, modern equipment has significant improvements compared to their traditional counterparts. One of these improvements is that a lot of modern equipment can tolerate much higher operating temperatures. If you have modern equipment, you can allow for higher temperatures which will lower your cooling needs and reduce the wear on your cooling equipment.

Buy Modern Servers

Another factor that contributes towards the high cost of maintaining a data center is the use of outdated equipment. Old servers use outdated processors that were known for dissipating a lot of heat. There are better processors in the market today which offer greater processing power while producing less heat. New servers will also have features such as power-saving modes and fans with variable speeds. All of this results in a system that's much more energy efficient. This means that by upgrading your servers, you can bring down your cooling costs while getting higher speeds.

Improve Reliability and Availability

With many modern businesses requiring access to a data center 24 hours a day throughout the year, even a few hours of downtime can be costly. Therefore, by improving your data centers reliability and availability, you will be safeguarding your business interests as well.

Power failures are some of the main reasons why a data center may not be available when needed. Therefore, you need to invest in improved backup power solutions. You can upgrade the UPS systems that have been in use in your data center for starters. You can also upgrade your backup generators to more efficient models or explore cogeneration solutions. Contact a business IT services provider to learn about all of these options.