Tips For Setting Up An Internet Network At Your Small Business

28 October 2019
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Are you getting ready to install internet services at your new small business? If so, you'll want to follow these tips that will help maximize security, convenience, and usability. 

Set Up Dual Band Networks

You will want to purchase a wireless router that can broadcast a dual-band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz network. Many modern devices and laptops will be able to connect to the 5 GHz network and take advantage of the fast connection speeds. However, there may be older devices that can only connect to 2.4 GHz networks as well. This includes WiFi security cameras and wireless printers. You will also be able to interact with devices on each network, even though they are separated. 

You may even want to consider hiding these networks so that the names are not broadcast and publicly viewable. This will prevent others from connecting to the network unless they know the network's exact name.

Set Up Guest Network

It will help to create dual-band guest networks as well. This will prevent guests from being able to see computers and servers in your primary internet network but still give them access to high-speed internet. It can also prevent guests from doing things like accessing printers on your local network that they shouldn't have access to.

Create Static IP Addresses

With many computers and devices on your network, it will help to set up each device with a static internal IP address. This will make it easier to monitor network traffic and identify certain devices at times.

Set Up Port Forwarding

One example of utilizing a static internal IP address is if you need to set up port forwarding for certain software that utilizes it. For example, you may want some computers to be accessible for screen-sharing purposes, which will require that the right ports are forwarded. You'll need to have static internal IPs set up so that it doesn't change when the computer reconnects to the network after a restart.

Use Complex Passwords

All of your security may be for nothing if you use passwords that are easy to guess. Make sure that you are using complex passwords so that nobody can easily guess what they are and gain access to your network. 

Reach out to your internet provider for more tips on how to set up internet for your small business. You may be surprised by what features you can take advantage of.